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Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 10. Feb 2014

Lots happened in the last three weeks and of course i didn't have the time to blog but finally now I'm having some time to write a short update :). 

So lets start from today and go backwards… this weekend was hectic , friday was my last utplasering day at Adam og Eva Nedre Slottsgate salon , after three fantastic weeks at the salon , cleaning, helping around with customers and cutting, colouring and perming  myself ( still school assignments), observing and learning as much as i can from the fantastic and artistic hairdressers at the salon.

On saturday i was celebrating my sweet roommate birthday the whole day:)))) and sunday traveling to bergen early morning for just 24 hours to manage to see my boyfriend , my best friend yaniv cohens dance performance and my fantastic x carte blanche collage and friend Caroline that just gave birth to little beautiful Nora  and came back to Oslo on monday straight to Adam og Eva school at 13.00 o'clock to find out if i got a lærling contract at Nedre´s salon…and……yeahhhhhh i got a lærling contract at the salon I'm so so so happy and hoping and looking forward for everyone to come and visit me and let me cut , colour ,stripe style , do makeup or whatever u need at the salon ;))))))).
Cut and colour at the salon:

Male cut at the salon:

Another colour at the salon:

Permanent( that was a great challenge ):

Then last weekend i got 4th place at NORGE MESTERSKAP ( NM) in makeup. It was the most stressed  weekend of my life:)))almost got a cancer from stress:)))). Saturday i had to present an creative bride and i really want to thank to Mina my beautiful model, Cecilie Melli for her beautiful bride dress she gave me for the competition , Malin a fantastic nail artist from Tone Lisa salon, for doing my model nails for free and to Perlehust for giving me a beautiful per of earrings and beautiful crystals :)).

The second day( sunday) i had to do a full beauty makeup look in half an hour on stage , it was challenging and very fun:). I'm so happy i decided to attend this competition i learned a lot and I'm looking forward for the next year;).

My beautiful creative bride( i got the inspiration from the movie "Never ending story" and from the snowball bride dress).

My beauty look on sunday:

In between the competition and the three weeks utplasering in the salon i manged to do some photo shoots and cover shoot till late late night :))))). 
Photographer: Marian Jade
Model: Isselin
Hair and Makeup: me:).

Well i had to take a way the photos because we are planing to try to sale them to magazines;)).

Cover shoot for Magnus sinnes
Photo: Espen Schive
Makeup:Marthe Hesvik Norheim
Models: Sandra and Ingeborg
Hair: me:).



Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 19. Jan 2014

Last friday was my last day at Adam og Eva frisør skolen, After almost two weeks of final exams in colour , bob, permanent, short cut for male, huge theory test and the CHERRY of the exams fri form.

I started at school in august 12th 2013, half a year a go, and it feels like it was just yesterday. I started  school with a very little  knowledge about hair and leaving school with a very good base and lots more knowledge and prepare for the next step as an apprentice. Im starting on monday three weeks of utplassering( placed by the school) at Adam og Eva Nedre Slottsgate , the biggest salon on Karl Johan street in Oslo and i wish and hope to do my apprenticeship time there.

Im so happy to say that all the final exams went very well , i past all of them with a very good grades:) and if u would ask me what exam i would do again or enjoyed the most??  ill say at ones FRI FORM :)))))). 
I had so much fun and i was looking forward to it very much and of course very nervous. First we had to choose a theme and create in four hours an human installation , so we had to colour, cut, do makeup and styling in 4 hours……when i heard this i was in first first first cut exam in school took 5 hours just a cut:))))))))) so i was " a bit " sceptic :)))).

Ofcourse i wanted to do something fun :) , so i look for inspiration under the title STUDIO 54 (because most of the students in class r between 16 and 20:))))) no one knew what I'm talking about:))))))))). Anyway... i was so so so lucky to have OLGA DIVAKOVA ,a gorgeous ballroom dancer ( working in dancing with the stars in Norwegian tv) as a model ,and i was amazed and happy she agreed to be my model, even after i presented my idea, that was including nudity ( topless covered with tons of glitter :)).

Instead of me describing everything by words ill just load some pics:) i can just say that i was "planning my moves" carefully from colour to body glitter and hoped to finish everything on time , i was in shock when Olga had to seat with body full of silver glitter for half an hour, waiting to start ,cause i manage to finish everything half an hour before time:)))))).

My mirror in class i was cutting ,colouring ,perming and more in front of it:))) ill miss it:) and 14 was my freeform installation no. 

Olga 8.30 in the morning getting ready for a quick minicolor:). 

While i coloured Olga´s hair( it looks more like i murdered someone:)))))) i did also her eye makeup to save some time;).
After i washed the colour we went back to my mirror and i was cutting her hair in layers( økende lengder).

Preparing the hair for styling.

I tried to work very fast with my ghd and curl a bit the ends of the hair,  we weren't aloud to curled the whole hair.

Hair and makeup running up stair to paint the upper body:))).( lets say that Adam og Eva skolen is much more glittery , alllll overrrrr ,then before:)))).

12.00 o´clock , having half an hour to relax and take some pictures before Olga is going down stairs to stand in her installation spot and dance to the music i prepared for her:).

The day after was the last day at school. Giving back the school keys , saying good bye to colleagues and teachers, getting flowers and prices. I was so amazed and so happy and shocked even, when Ruth our " school mother" and Nina and Cilje the principles of Adam og Eva called me on stage and  gave me the student of the class( årets elev) price:)))). Good luck to the new students that starting school tomorrow morning:)).


Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 11. Des 2013

Today i was cutting a curly hair for the first time:). Marte , an amazing pianist and art student , came to Adam go Eva school salon to get her hair done. I was very excited cause i have never cut curls before:). Marte wanted to keep the length have some layers around the face and have lots of volume. Of course i shampooed , gave a scalp massage , cured the hair with lots of Rekden , Loreal protein and moist shots and masks :). Before styling i used Redken Curvaceous curly and wavy hair products :


Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 10. Des 2013

Totay i knew that ill have a "project customer" at school:). My dear roommate Gull Øzger, freelance choreographer and dance teacher, came to see me at the school salon for a new fresh winter colour for her hair:). She has a very dark hair and she asked for a brighter colour with a warm undertone for a cold winter:).
I was very happy because i knew that for her to have brighter hair ill need to avfarge ( take the black pigment a way) and i haven't done it yet:))) ,so it will be a great opportunity to practice it;). I decided to use "Efassor" from Loreal all over the hair and avoid the roots..i got Betine my dear friend from class to help me :).
It started to work quite quick around the roots and i needed to work a bit more towards the tips of the hair….anyway it looked a bit scary after i washed it:)))

After me and gull took a look at the colour chart , chromatics from Redken, we decided on a nice warm brown , gold mocha , and i started to dye the hair:). unfortunately gull had to run to a meeting so i just managed to wash the hair ,put some cures and musks ,paint lashes and brows but didn't manage, actually, to dry and check the colour :))))))) so i was looking forward the whale afternoon, till she came back home at 22.00 in the evening, to see that the colour was beautiful , shiny and healthy looking and the most important Gull was very very happy:). Here it is ENJOY;).


Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 9. Des 2013

This morning Lone Torvik, a professional dancer at Ingun Bjørnsgaard Project and a dance teacher at Bårdar, came to visit me at Adam go Eva skolen salon. It was nice to see her after a long, long time and take care of her hair:). She came with a long dark ettervekst(rots) and lets say…a "tired" hair:))) and wanted to look fresh and blond again:). I decided to give her lots of highlights almost all over the head ( i think i put a hundred foil papers and it took me some time;)) , then i shampooed her hair with a silver shampoo from Loreal and massaged her hair and scalp with lots of good masks and cures both protein and moist almost for half an hour:). The hair became smoother ,healthier and blondier:)))) but still i went over it with a minicolor in gold and purple nuances to give it a bit of a cold and warm tons at the same time.
after all this treat we went back to the chair and i cut her hair and blow dried it nicely.
I will say it thousands times, its not an easy job to be a hair dresser but the satisfaction of an happy customer that feels good and look good worth everything. I LOVE IT:).
Tomorrow its a new day and a new customer;). pics before and after ( this time i remembered to take some before pics, thank god ,that u could see the change;))))). ENJOY;).

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