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Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 30. Okt 2013

I was going through some pictures , cleaning my computer, and found some makeup looks i designed for Vinni´s band for Senklveld at tv2 last year. Vinni sang a new song he wrote on his passed difficult period in his life , sorrow , broken soul , sadness,break up and how he came out strong from it. I was told that i should designed a half faced mask look on the band and i was thinking, after i heard the song and listened to the lyrics that it will be very powerful to try to make the mask as a mirror of the soul, dark, bleeding soul.
I tried a few looks on my face before i sent for approval and the one I'm posting was chosen :)))). The band were very exited and thought it was cool to perform with half painted face:). ENJOY:).
The two sweet back singers :).

And here is the song on senkveld tv2:).

From Snow white to Jasmine (BODYBUILDER MAKEUP).

Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 5. Okt 2013

This morning i had the pleasure to do makeup on Kim Yvonne Myrvang, personal trainer and bodybuilder for her bodybuilding competition at Oslo Konserthus final.

I woke up very early and had to meet Kim and her hairdresser Sølve Haugereid (also my fantastic teacher at Adam og Eva skolen;)))) ,at Adam og Eva salon in Storgata at 7.45 in the morning.

I knew i will have to put in my makeup kit bronzers and dark brown foundations ,cause usually bodybuilders before competitions or shows, spray tanning their bodies and turning , in kims case, from Snow white to actually Jasmine from Aladin. I never transferred a person from very bright to very dark complexion, it was a challenge and i looked forward to see the end result. Good luck beautiful Kim :))).

I uploaded some pics for u to see. ENJOY;).

Parisian chic, London classic , New York cool.

Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 14. Sep 2013

Usually on sundays i like to put a weekly sum up of the passed week at school but i just realised that probably i was so occupied with the new cut we learned , ØKENDE LENGDE ( increasing length), that i forgot and didn`t have the time to take some pictures to show :)))))). I will do it on monday and tuesday( test day..) and i will upload.

So instead..... I'm putting a series of pictures from a photo-shoot i did this year, in march, for a very fancy clothes shop in bergen called VINCCI .

i was working with three models and the lovely photographer and art director of Vincci Silje Chantel Johansen . Silje wanted me to create three looks, Parisian chic, London classic and New York cool and the pictures will hang at the display windows in black and white:).

I wanted to keep the looks very clean and minimalistic and play with dark and light colours ,the skin was flawless and dewy finish for all the looks. for london classic the lips were dominant in dark red and the eyes were very clean , i pooled the hair up braided the front and added a big flower. for parisian chic i edde liner and a bit more definition to the eye socket and glossed the lips. waved the hair and put over one side of the shoulder . for the last look New york cool i did a smokey eyes in black and bright pearly lips ,straighten the hair pooled it back with gel and kept the back mat. ENJOY:).


Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 29. Aug 2013

SMOKEY EYES....I LOVE SMOKEY EYES!!! As a makeup artist, i think, its one of my favorite looks.

Its a sexy, mysterious, sensual, seductive and classic look!!! Every second girl would love to go out and party with a per of a smokey eyes and year after year you will find it on the runway with a little twist.

Its an all year look , especially fall, warm ,cosy look i think. you can find smokey eyes this fall as well on the runway done with metallic tons on the eyes. The primary used technique for a smokey eyes is blending , blending, blending and there are many ways of doing it for example:

Use a black pencil ,kohl around the eyes and in the wet line and smudge it , then put on top an eyeshadow and blend it above and under lushes. finish with black mascara.

Use a cream eyeshadow on the lid and then add colorful powder eyeshadow to set the cream.

It doesn´t have to be black to look smokey, you can use any medium, dark colors on the eyes for example brown,blue,green,gold...make it your own by working with a new color and also try to put a colorful eyeshadow on a black cream base looks fantastic!!!

Here are some of my smokey eyes makeup i did , enjoy:).

A classic smokey look using black and blue shadow( shoot it in london with beautiful Klara Photographer : Fabrice Lachant).

Silver blue smokey. Model: Embla Photographer: Linn Hellen Hetland.

Copper,gold smokey. Model :Cathrine Thuland Photographer:Linn Helen Htland.

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