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Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 11. Des 2013

Today i was cutting a curly hair for the first time:). Marte , an amazing pianist and art student , came to Adam go Eva school salon to get her hair done. I was very excited cause i have never cut curls before:). Marte wanted to keep the length have some layers around the face and have lots of volume. Of course i shampooed , gave a scalp massage , cured the hair with lots of Rekden , Loreal protein and moist shots and masks :). Before styling i used Redken Curvaceous curly and wavy hair products :


Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 10. Des 2013

Totay i knew that ill have a "project customer" at school:). My dear roommate Gull Øzger, freelance choreographer and dance teacher, came to see me at the school salon for a new fresh winter colour for her hair:). She has a very dark hair and she asked for a brighter colour with a warm undertone for a cold winter:).
I was very happy because i knew that for her to have brighter hair ill need to avfarge ( take the black pigment a way) and i haven't done it yet:))) ,so it will be a great opportunity to practice it;). I decided to use "Efassor" from Loreal all over the hair and avoid the roots..i got Betine my dear friend from class to help me :).
It started to work quite quick around the roots and i needed to work a bit more towards the tips of the hair….anyway it looked a bit scary after i washed it:)))

After me and gull took a look at the colour chart , chromatics from Redken, we decided on a nice warm brown , gold mocha , and i started to dye the hair:). unfortunately gull had to run to a meeting so i just managed to wash the hair ,put some cures and musks ,paint lashes and brows but didn't manage, actually, to dry and check the colour :))))))) so i was looking forward the whale afternoon, till she came back home at 22.00 in the evening, to see that the colour was beautiful , shiny and healthy looking and the most important Gull was very very happy:). Here it is ENJOY;).


Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 9. Des 2013

This morning Lone Torvik, a professional dancer at Ingun Bjørnsgaard Project and a dance teacher at Bårdar, came to visit me at Adam go Eva skolen salon. It was nice to see her after a long, long time and take care of her hair:). She came with a long dark ettervekst(rots) and lets say…a "tired" hair:))) and wanted to look fresh and blond again:). I decided to give her lots of highlights almost all over the head ( i think i put a hundred foil papers and it took me some time;)) , then i shampooed her hair with a silver shampoo from Loreal and massaged her hair and scalp with lots of good masks and cures both protein and moist almost for half an hour:). The hair became smoother ,healthier and blondier:)))) but still i went over it with a minicolor in gold and purple nuances to give it a bit of a cold and warm tons at the same time.
after all this treat we went back to the chair and i cut her hair and blow dried it nicely.
I will say it thousands times, its not an easy job to be a hair dresser but the satisfaction of an happy customer that feels good and look good worth everything. I LOVE IT:).
Tomorrow its a new day and a new customer;). pics before and after ( this time i remembered to take some before pics, thank god ,that u could see the change;))))). ENJOY;).


Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 8. Des 2013

The last week and a half , Adam og Eva school turned into a salon. We can have two customers a day visiting at the salon and getting their hair done, cut, colour ,permanent or even just cure and scalp massage for a very little money.
I understand that some people are a bit afraid of letting students touch their hair ,but i always explain my customers that for us , the student, every customer its an exam , we get a grade for everything we do , we are not doing anything with the customer hair before we are explaining the teachers our plan and getting their advice and approval and the most important we are doing our very very best to satisfy our customers and get the best grade:))))!!!!
Last week i was very lucky to have two customers a day every day:))) it was a lot of work but i learned from actually doing so much that ill never learn on a doll head or theoretically !!! i had to cut few times and did lots of colouring, highlights, cure and massages and happily menages to do a good job on time and get a good grades:).
Last week i got my first 6 on a beautiful red hair colour i did. the roots were completely colored and the hair was evenly coloured from rot till end. I love this feeling of doing something good and see that the customer is very happy and feels good and love his/her hair new look , it makes me so happy and satisfy , its a great feeling to know that i have the "power"
to make people happy and want to come back to me:) i feel blast:)))).
Next week we still have monday , tuesday and wednesday an open salon. Tuesday I'm already fully booked ( colour, cure, eyebrows and lushes colour ), and wednesday morning a cut:), but I'm still available all monday and wednesday from 12.00 so please visit me at the salon and let me pleas u;)))))).
PS. I always plan on taking before and after pics but always forget to take the before pics because I'm so eager and excited to start already :)))) so i have only after pics ENJOY;).


Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 30. Nov 2013

Last thursday the 21st of november we, the student , presented at the the school our høstvisning ,hair show, after almost a month preparation. We were so happy and proud that we managed to put up a great , professional show all by ourselves and i personally was so happy that my dear dear aunt and brother came specially to see the show from Israel, this made the whole event much more special and exciting :).
The theme of the show was HARAJUKU ( refers to the area around Tokyo's Harajuku Station, It is the center of Japan's most extreme teenage cultures and fashion styles) , we were so exited because we knew we could do some crazy different hair cuts and colors , styling, makeup, fun music etc….and present it to our families ,friends ,teachers and people from the industry.
We are almost 60 students at Adam og Eva frisør skolen and all of us were responsible of finding models for the show, sponsors for clothes , makeup, food….in other words we didn't have any budget to start with, that made the whole project even more challenging:)).
My responsibility was choreography, because of my long background as a professional dancer. I wanted to open the show with a BANGGGGG….a big dance number before the models entrance the stage ,so i had to find a very good dancers who could catch the choreography quickly and look fantastic in only two, three rehearsals. Thankfully, i found five fantastic female dancers that mad the show super amazing and made me so happy i have to thank them again so if u read my blog ( i hope so) MAJA,CASSANDRA,KAYA,SOLVEIG and BENEDIKTE you are THE BEST!!! I LOVE YOU TONS:))))).

My second responsibility was makeup. I had to create the look for the models and the dancers, had to find makeup sponsors and makeup students from schools around Oslo to help us . Again i have to thank to dear Betina who managed to bring ISADORA as a makeup sponsor , to Tune Lisa akademiet for sponsored us with lots of lushes , and nail artists , to Niss akademiet for sending 8 fantastic makeup students from their school and of course to Cathrine that let me use her as my makeup model for my look:). I created a base look for all the models with some small twists and changes like coloured eyebrow, different lips colour and more… the first pic is the base look and under it i put the look with some changes:).

I have to say it was "a bit" of a stress period , specially because it came at the same time as our exams but i have t say it was worth it:), i enjoyed every moment and was so proud of what all of us achieved :).

My last and biggest thanx gos to Erik ,my hair model. Erik thank u so much for modelling for me , coming to the school three full days for cutting and colouring and letting me do whatever i want with your precious hair :))))) YOU ARE GREAT;).

And now after a long speech here it is ,our høstvisning 2013 at adam go eva skolen, ENJOY;).


Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 3. Nov 2013

Last friday i had my first permanent customer at school. Till now i was practicing on a doll head and now finally i got to see the result on a real person hair:). I was working with Benedicte ,my friend from school, and at 8.30 in the morning Therese a talented opera singer and permanent customer arrived.
We welcomed her with a coffee and chocolate buns :))) and started to perm. Permanent is a long and quite smelly process .... but the result is funtastic. It doesn't have to be an afro curls!! this days with a new technology, products and size of rolls you can actually choose the type and size of curl you would like to have:). Theresse came to us with a wavy hair and wanted a tighter and defined curl. After a few hours at Adam og Eva school she went home very happy and with hair full of beautiful curls hand made by Benedikte and myself:)))))))))).


Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 30. Okt 2013

I was going through some pictures , cleaning my computer, and found some makeup looks i designed for Vinni´s band for Senklveld at tv2 last year. Vinni sang a new song he wrote on his passed difficult period in his life , sorrow , broken soul , sadness,break up and how he came out strong from it. I was told that i should designed a half faced mask look on the band and i was thinking, after i heard the song and listened to the lyrics that it will be very powerful to try to make the mask as a mirror of the soul, dark, bleeding soul.
I tried a few looks on my face before i sent for approval and the one I'm posting was chosen :)))). The band were very exited and thought it was cool to perform with half painted face:). ENJOY:).
The two sweet back singers :).

And here is the song on senkveld tv2:).


Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 29. Okt 2013

Its been a while since i wrote in my blog , i was so busy being a student :))). So many thing are happening at the same time at school, that i don't have the time to go even ones a week to the gym:))). Today i had a huge theory test about everything we have learned in the last two month in school and its tonsssssss of material, Its behind me ,thank god, and i was studying everyday after school the last week. Then on the 21st of november we are having a hair show at school , we got the theme of the show two weeks a go and its a really fun theme HARAJUKU, we are working in couples and need to create a hair look and styling and I got the responsibility from school of creating the make up look for the models at the show so i tried some looks on cathrine my sweet friend from school and here are some glimpse.
Then i took on myself the responsibility of the choreography too cause i really want, of course, to open the show with a BANG;))). Im starting to look for some dancers for the event and starting to think on a choreography. Song i found already:).
Beside.. i was looking for 6 hair models for my tests in November, im telling you its a nightmare :)))) . i managed to find 5 of the 6 ,not bed, but.....BOB i need to cut a bob and cant find a model:(( WHAT TO DO??? im walking in the streets and asking people:))))))). If someone is reading my blong and want a bob cut on the 7th of November please save me and be my model i promise ill shampoo your hair ,give you a scalp massage ,protein and moist cures, just COME to me:). Im finishing with some pics from the last week at school , i was permanenting with Hanne( was fun, finally got some hair on my bold head),

and creating an up do fun fun fun:). ENJOY;).


Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 15. Okt 2013

Just listening to Janet Jackson , Thats the way love goes, and relaxing with a big glass of red wine in my living room( can i actually write it on my blog???:)))), after a long day full of things that had and still has to be done and the list is still very very very long........trying to find models for my tests at school in november, 6 models for now.....god help me! so smsing ,calling , getting lots of coffee meetings.

then thinking of our Høstvisning( fashion show by us the students at Adam og Eva skolen on the 21st of november) we got the theme and its a great one HARAJUKU( google it) ....and i have been given the responsibility of the makeup of the models and choreography so i have to create some makeup looks, try to find some makeup artists or makeup students to help and assist. Find dancers for the fashion show cause i wanna open the show with a BANG!!!:)))).

Traveling to bergen on friday to teach a jazz class so have to make a new choreography ( if my students are reading my blog now.. i want you to know that i made a great combination for "work bitch" by Brittany off course ;).

TONSSSSSSSSSS TO DO...............And off course in between studying for my theory test in a week and a half , full of papers about colouring,hair,products, skin .......Its sounds like im wining but i swear to god im not:)))))) im just trying to do everything and still find some time for a glass of wine;).

Oh yeah i forgot to mantion that im working on my Facebook new page and my web side ( hair and makeup) that I'm going to lounch soon;)))) so a little taste of a new photo shoot i did with Marte Aubert a very talented photographer and Maria Victoria Hallen a beautiful model:). Im calling it HØST(AUTOMN). ENJOY;).


Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 5. Okt 2013

This week past so fast, god help, it feels like monday was just yesterday....well..its like that when you are having fun at school probably:).

Lots of things happened this week at school. On tuesday, the 1st of October, we had the honor to have 5 lærlings(apprentices) from Adam og Eva different salons in oslo at school , they were kind and demonstrate their abilities in cutting, colouring and styling. They chose a few students from class and changed completely their hair cut and colour and styled them, at that point i wished i had hair in the right places.....well well.... So the whole day we set and watched them in action it was very inspiring . some pics below;).

On Wednesday the 2nd we had kort gradering test. You can find a separate blog post about it.

Thursday the 3rd was a llloooonnnngggg...... theory day about FARGE (COLOR) . Theory days are not so easy we have to concentrate ( well i need... cause everything is in norwegian, of course, and i need to listen very carefully and try to understand everything...usually after theory days im going back home with a strong headache:))) . We got a huge colour Bible about Loreal and Redken colours, numbers and laters that we need to learn and understand ,the colour wheel, techniques of colouring and so on and so on....NOT EASY!!! I took the papers home gonna read a bit in the weekend;). FUN:).

Friday the 4th was funnnnnnnn........We got to color our beloved doll heads. I wanted my doll to be a red head, i think it turned out quite beautiful( some students asked me what no. i used, it was redken chromatic 4Rr , 4.66;). I added some before and after pics of my beautiful doll ( i didnt gave her a name yet..). ENJOY;).



From Snow white to Jasmine (BODYBUILDER MAKEUP).

Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 5. Okt 2013

This morning i had the pleasure to do makeup on Kim Yvonne Myrvang, personal trainer and bodybuilder for her bodybuilding competition at Oslo Konserthus final.

I woke up very early and had to meet Kim and her hairdresser Sølve Haugereid (also my fantastic teacher at Adam og Eva skolen;)))) ,at Adam og Eva salon in Storgata at 7.45 in the morning.

I knew i will have to put in my makeup kit bronzers and dark brown foundations ,cause usually bodybuilders before competitions or shows, spray tanning their bodies and turning , in kims case, from Snow white to actually Jasmine from Aladin. I never transferred a person from very bright to very dark complexion, it was a challenge and i looked forward to see the end result. Good luck beautiful Kim :))).

I uploaded some pics for u to see. ENJOY;).


Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 3. Okt 2013

After weeks of searching for a model on Facebook and Oslo city with no luck of finding one ,finally i managed to find a very nice engineering student at the school cantina that needed a hair cut and said "yes you can cut my hair", and be my first ever male hair model for my first ever human hair cut test at school.

on wednesday the 2nd of october 9.30 in the morning, after a short theory test there we had to sketch the cut and the beard lines we will perform later , my model arrived to school. Of course i was very nervous but tried to behave normal, i shampooed and conditioned his hair and led him to my station and placed him in the execution chair( imagine the soundtrack from the movie " jaws" di-di-di-dididi..).

Of course before i started i gave him a goody bag full of food ,sweets and drinks for the next few hours....and started my test.

I have to say it was very exciting to cut a real hair after almost 2 month of practising on a doll head ,i had to be extra careful not to pul the hair to strong or to behave like i behaved with my poor baby doll head(like burning the hair a few tests a go , you can read about it in my previous blog "WORK B**CH!")

I was very happy with the result and even more happy that he liked it a lot and went a way with a stylish hair cut. I was even happier when i got my pretty good grade from my pretty strict teachers;).

I upload before and after pics below....ENJOY;).



Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 29. Sep 2013

Im a bit stressed cause on wednesday we gonna have the last hair test for now..., kort gradering and skjegg( short grading and beard) its a male cut of course:)))) and it will be actually the first test with a real head and hair and not plastic one:))))) . It took me a long time to find a model but after all, yeahhhhhhhh.......i have one that saved my life and gonna be my model on wednesday:)))). Im adding some pics of my doll head one cut before the test and some pics of the day of the test and for dessert some pics of the last cut we learned on friday, the square cut from the 80s ,( grace jones cut). ENJOY:).

Day before the test..

Test day..

80s square cut..

Having fun in my bedroom after school:))))).

Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 26. Sep 2013

My sweet friend from school ,Liv, and myself decided to meet sometimes after school and have some fun with styling hair and makeup at my place. Liv asked her girl friends if they would like to model for us. She did the hair and I did the makeup. We played with the idea of autumn( what a surprise:)) . 16.00 o'clock we run to eat something, bought beautiful bordo leafs from the flower shop , picked up the girls and went to my home. For the first model we wanted to do something simple and beautiful with plum shadows, glossy lip and braided hair. For the second model we went more orangey , browny colours on the eyes , red wine lip stain and a pin up hair look with big curls, looks almost like a hat:). It was so fun....Liv with her brushes ,curling tongs and pins all over my bed and im next to my makeup station. We asked the girls to be the DJ and "hit" us with they favourite music and we started to work:). After the girls were ready we took some photos ,Liv with her professional camera and i took the "behind the scenes " with my iPad:)))). Here some photos from that joyful , artistic afternoon ENJOY:).






Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 23. Sep 2013

So...... just had a test today, mix of different cut techniques , like lender,økende lengder andgradering ( it means- increasing lengths, equal lengths and gradation). we learned it on wednesday and three days after....hoppp...we are having a test:))). It went quite ok.......i had a moment that i just wanted to throw everything off my hands including the doll had... instead i just took a deep breath cut my finger few times and continued cutting:)). i didn't get my grade yet..i will get it tomorrow but i must say it looked good in the end and the teachers were very pleased with my work so will see tomorrow;). i added few pics from the practice before the test and my test:). ENJOY;).






Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 17. Sep 2013

Today was one of the worst and stressy days i experienced since i started school...... well it sounds very dramatic and im not a drama queen believe me:) . Today i had a test , økende lengder,increasing length, we learned the cut on wednesday last week and had three days practice before the test . I felt kinda prepared and did quite good at the class room, so i came today morning very eager and almost full of confident to the test( fake it till you make it confident..). All started good ,first part theory, went very good, then i was running to the working room to cut:). The truth..... it went well and smooth, in the beginning, too smooth to be true actually, till the moment i found out i made a big stupid mistake.. i didn't know what to do? i was almost running out of time , i stood in front of my doll sweating all over.. from every pore in my body till i just decided to take a deep breath and start all over a gain and try to save it very very quick... so in half an hour i did again what i was working on the last 2 hours, hopping that now its better then before..i started to fen the hair on full hit, from stress, till suddenly i saw the hair burning on my brush...i didn't know if i should cry or lough ( i decided to lough.....all my class mights smelled it:))))))) then had to cut the fringe and my design lines until my scissors decided to fall a part....HERRRRRE GOD ( god help) you believe me??????? the WORST!! when i finished and cleaned my mess i just stood there and asked my self are you sure you wanna be a hair dresser????? and answered to my self one second after YES!! I LOVE IT:))).

As a professional dancer, for many many years, i learned so much about stress ,working hard , discipline , patience, lots of practice and how to go for my dreams and for feel them !!!! so if, out there, there is someone that feels like me and had a bad day i just have to say continue, don't give up, tomorrow its another beautiful day ( and a new beautiful cut;)).

Im adding a few pics from my test day and dedicating the new and motivating song by britney spears "WORK BITCH" ENJOY:).

before cut.



Parisian chic, London classic , New York cool.

Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 14. Sep 2013

Usually on sundays i like to put a weekly sum up of the passed week at school but i just realised that probably i was so occupied with the new cut we learned , ØKENDE LENGDE ( increasing length), that i forgot and didn`t have the time to take some pictures to show :)))))). I will do it on monday and tuesday( test day..) and i will upload.

So instead..... I'm putting a series of pictures from a photo-shoot i did this year, in march, for a very fancy clothes shop in bergen called VINCCI .

i was working with three models and the lovely photographer and art director of Vincci Silje Chantel Johansen . Silje wanted me to create three looks, Parisian chic, London classic and New York cool and the pictures will hang at the display windows in black and white:).

I wanted to keep the looks very clean and minimalistic and play with dark and light colours ,the skin was flawless and dewy finish for all the looks. for london classic the lips were dominant in dark red and the eyes were very clean , i pooled the hair up braided the front and added a big flower. for parisian chic i edde liner and a bit more definition to the eye socket and glossed the lips. waved the hair and put over one side of the shoulder . for the last look New york cool i did a smokey eyes in black and bright pearly lips ,straighten the hair pooled it back with gel and kept the back mat. ENJOY:).


Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 11. Sep 2013

This morning my dear friend sent me an inspiration picture on Facebook and i really wanted to share it with you here:). ENJOY:))))))).


Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 10. Sep 2013

I was just thinking to myself today that its so funny and amazing how life is evolving. How one job can lead somehow to another.....and why suddenly i was thinking about it is because i was performing one evening with Carte Blanche dance company and after the show i got a phone call and asked to be a barista coffee model for Friele , of course i said yes and agreed to do the shoot on a sunday morning. This was a few years a go and still ,until today it hits me by surprise when i`m passing by the coffee shelfs at the grocery shop and seeing my self on the shelfs:)). Its even funnier because i don't have any clue about how to make a good coffee like a barista:)))).

Did someone see my Guide??

Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 6. Sep 2013

There were times when I was young and still had hair on my head...I was visiting the hair dresser for a cut ofcourse:) and while waiting and reading a magazine ( more looking at the pictures) I was amazed by the hair dresser waving his scissors up and down , side to side ,left hand combing while right hand cutting at the same time, almost like in the movie "Eduardo's scissors" ,and in the end TADA.....beautiful cut...looks so EASY.. It was wowing :)) .

Now days, 20 years later, living in Norway , Oslo city, studying at Adam og Eva school, I'm learning so many different ways and techniques of cutting hair and every cut has its own guide line (These
guide can be followed throughout the cutting process to help you produce even and precise results).

So i´m in the practice room at the school in front of my doll head cutting slowly and carefully the guide for the rest of the cut, checking with 10 eyes that all is good and right, over and over during cutting, until suddenly.. the sweet little Guide ,or better to say, the MOTHER F..... decide to disappear... can you believe?? disappear!!!! swear to god I don't have an idea how he even manage to!!!!! I'm working so slow, taking care ,doing everything by the book and the teacher and suddenly hoppp... no guide!!!!! Then i´m thinking to myself... where is my hair dresser 20 years ago doing it so fluently ? where is Eduard? and where is my F.. guide???????

Well NO DRAMA:)))) I know that it's a matter of time and practice , lots of practice ,practice, practice and this why me and my colleagues are in school , this is the time to loos the guide, learn,practice and be the best!

I'm really enjoying at the school ,its a long time since I faced a new and different challenges and I'm very happy for it!!!:)

I added some pics of the last week and the new techniques we learned:). ENJOY:).

ØKENDE GRADERING PÅ MANDAG.(increasing gradation on monday):).

MINSKENDE GRADERING PÅ ONSDAG.(decreasing gradation on wednesday):).

PARALLELL GRADERING PÅ TORSDAG.(parallel gradation on thursday):).


Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 31. Aug 2013

I have to say ,after 3 weeks at Adam og Eva school i have much more respect , admiration and appreciation to hairdressers !!!!!! Don´t understand me wrong i ALWAYS admired hairdressers ,i want to be one, a good one:)), my point is... after 3 weeks in school learning theory about hair structure , skin types, permanent, 4 types of hair blow dries techniques and whole last week cutting HEL FORM, (bob ) and a lugg (fringe) , i have to say ITS NOT AN EASY JOBB!!!!!!

On monday every student got his own doll head with long straight hair and a beautiful face and every day we were cutting slowly but surely hel form , until friday ,THE BIG EXAM DAY ,there we had to show some practical and theoretical knowledge for 5 hour :). I have to say it was a nerve wracking.... but in the end we finished on time and had beside us a head with a bob and a fringe:)). The teachers took one by one, checked the cut the blow dry the fringe, all in to the tiniest detail and gave a mark..... i think we will get it on monday......will see:)))).

I put under some pics of my doll head from tuesday till friday:). ENJOY!!








Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 29. Aug 2013

SMOKEY EYES....I LOVE SMOKEY EYES!!! As a makeup artist, i think, its one of my favorite looks.

Its a sexy, mysterious, sensual, seductive and classic look!!! Every second girl would love to go out and party with a per of a smokey eyes and year after year you will find it on the runway with a little twist.

Its an all year look , especially fall, warm ,cosy look i think. you can find smokey eyes this fall as well on the runway done with metallic tons on the eyes. The primary used technique for a smokey eyes is blending , blending, blending and there are many ways of doing it for example:

Use a black pencil ,kohl around the eyes and in the wet line and smudge it , then put on top an eyeshadow and blend it above and under lushes. finish with black mascara.

Use a cream eyeshadow on the lid and then add colorful powder eyeshadow to set the cream.

It doesn´t have to be black to look smokey, you can use any medium, dark colors on the eyes for example brown,blue,green,gold...make it your own by working with a new color and also try to put a colorful eyeshadow on a black cream base looks fantastic!!!

Here are some of my smokey eyes makeup i did , enjoy:).

A classic smokey look using black and blue shadow( shoot it in london with beautiful Klara Photographer : Fabrice Lachant).

Silver blue smokey. Model: Embla Photographer: Linn Hellen Hetland.

Copper,gold smokey. Model :Cathrine Thuland Photographer:Linn Helen Htland.

Transformation tuesday.

Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 27. Aug 2013

This few minutes of transformation are the beginning of a music video i did for Carte Blanche dance company performance, few years a go:). almost every year us , the dancers, could create whatever we felt like from installation , dance, video etc.. and present it to the audience. That year i decided to make a fun music video combining pop music, dance , media and of course makeup and hair that are my big passion . The audience loved it and it was so fun to make it and perform it. If you would like to see the rest of the video just click the like button and ill post it;). Filmed and edit: YANIV COHEN.


Assisting at fashion week.

Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 25. Aug 2013

Last friday, the 16th, i had the privilege to assist Harlem Alexander, the art director at Adam og Eva and his hair team at Oslo Spektrum for Moods of Norway fashion show.

This was an amazing experience for me to see how much work,effort and creativity everyone put in to making this huge show happened.

there were fifty models ,a big room full of makeup and makeup artist and two big rooms full of hair extensions and neon colored wigs. fuuuuunnnnnnnnn!!!!!!

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