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Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 29. Aug 2013

SMOKEY EYES....I LOVE SMOKEY EYES!!! As a makeup artist, i think, its one of my favorite looks.

Its a sexy, mysterious, sensual, seductive and classic look!!! Every second girl would love to go out and party with a per of a smokey eyes and year after year you will find it on the runway with a little twist.

Its an all year look , especially fall, warm ,cosy look i think. you can find smokey eyes this fall as well on the runway done with metallic tons on the eyes. The primary used technique for a smokey eyes is blending , blending, blending and there are many ways of doing it for example:

Use a black pencil ,kohl around the eyes and in the wet line and smudge it , then put on top an eyeshadow and blend it above and under lushes. finish with black mascara.

Use a cream eyeshadow on the lid and then add colorful powder eyeshadow to set the cream.

It doesn´t have to be black to look smokey, you can use any medium, dark colors on the eyes for example brown,blue,green,gold...make it your own by working with a new color and also try to put a colorful eyeshadow on a black cream base looks fantastic!!!

Here are some of my smokey eyes makeup i did , enjoy:).

A classic smokey look using black and blue shadow( shoot it in london with beautiful Klara Photographer : Fabrice Lachant).

Silver blue smokey. Model: Embla Photographer: Linn Hellen Hetland.

Copper,gold smokey. Model :Cathrine Thuland Photographer:Linn Helen Htland.


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