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Did someone see my Guide??

Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 6. Sep 2013

There were times when I was young and still had hair on my head...I was visiting the hair dresser for a cut ofcourse:) and while waiting and reading a magazine ( more looking at the pictures) I was amazed by the hair dresser waving his scissors up and down , side to side ,left hand combing while right hand cutting at the same time, almost like in the movie "Eduardo's scissors" ,and in the end TADA.....beautiful cut...looks so EASY.. It was wowing :)) .

Now days, 20 years later, living in Norway , Oslo city, studying at Adam og Eva school, I'm learning so many different ways and techniques of cutting hair and every cut has its own guide line (These
guide can be followed throughout the cutting process to help you produce even and precise results).

So i´m in the practice room at the school in front of my doll head cutting slowly and carefully the guide for the rest of the cut, checking with 10 eyes that all is good and right, over and over during cutting, until suddenly.. the sweet little Guide ,or better to say, the MOTHER F..... decide to disappear... can you believe?? disappear!!!! swear to god I don't have an idea how he even manage to!!!!! I'm working so slow, taking care ,doing everything by the book and the teacher and suddenly hoppp... no guide!!!!! Then i´m thinking to myself... where is my hair dresser 20 years ago doing it so fluently ? where is Eduard? and where is my F.. guide???????

Well NO DRAMA:)))) I know that it's a matter of time and practice , lots of practice ,practice, practice and this why me and my colleagues are in school , this is the time to loos the guide, learn,practice and be the best!

I'm really enjoying at the school ,its a long time since I faced a new and different challenges and I'm very happy for it!!!:)

I added some pics of the last week and the new techniques we learned:). ENJOY:).

ØKENDE GRADERING PÅ MANDAG.(increasing gradation on monday):).

MINSKENDE GRADERING PÅ ONSDAG.(decreasing gradation on wednesday):).

PARALLELL GRADERING PÅ TORSDAG.(parallel gradation on thursday):).


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