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Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 3. Okt 2013

After weeks of searching for a model on Facebook and Oslo city with no luck of finding one ,finally i managed to find a very nice engineering student at the school cantina that needed a hair cut and said "yes you can cut my hair", and be my first ever male hair model for my first ever human hair cut test at school.

on wednesday the 2nd of october 9.30 in the morning, after a short theory test there we had to sketch the cut and the beard lines we will perform later , my model arrived to school. Of course i was very nervous but tried to behave normal, i shampooed and conditioned his hair and led him to my station and placed him in the execution chair( imagine the soundtrack from the movie " jaws" di-di-di-dididi..).

Of course before i started i gave him a goody bag full of food ,sweets and drinks for the next few hours....and started my test.

I have to say it was very exciting to cut a real hair after almost 2 month of practising on a doll head ,i had to be extra careful not to pul the hair to strong or to behave like i behaved with my poor baby doll head(like burning the hair a few tests a go , you can read about it in my previous blog "WORK B**CH!")

I was very happy with the result and even more happy that he liked it a lot and went a way with a stylish hair cut. I was even happier when i got my pretty good grade from my pretty strict teachers;).

I upload before and after pics below....ENJOY;).



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