Shlomi Ruimi

Shlomi Ruimi


From Snow white to Jasmine (BODYBUILDER MAKEUP).

Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 5. Okt 2013

This morning i had the pleasure to do makeup on Kim Yvonne Myrvang, personal trainer and bodybuilder for her bodybuilding competition at Oslo Konserthus final.

I woke up very early and had to meet Kim and her hairdresser Sølve Haugereid (also my fantastic teacher at Adam og Eva skolen;)))) ,at Adam og Eva salon in Storgata at 7.45 in the morning.

I knew i will have to put in my makeup kit bronzers and dark brown foundations ,cause usually bodybuilders before competitions or shows, spray tanning their bodies and turning , in kims case, from Snow white to actually Jasmine from Aladin. I never transferred a person from very bright to very dark complexion, it was a challenge and i looked forward to see the end result. Good luck beautiful Kim :))).

I uploaded some pics for u to see. ENJOY;).


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