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Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 5. Okt 2013

This week past so fast, god help, it feels like monday was just yesterday....well..its like that when you are having fun at school probably:).

Lots of things happened this week at school. On tuesday, the 1st of October, we had the honor to have 5 lærlings(apprentices) from Adam og Eva different salons in oslo at school , they were kind and demonstrate their abilities in cutting, colouring and styling. They chose a few students from class and changed completely their hair cut and colour and styled them, at that point i wished i had hair in the right places.....well well.... So the whole day we set and watched them in action it was very inspiring . some pics below;).

On Wednesday the 2nd we had kort gradering test. You can find a separate blog post about it.

Thursday the 3rd was a llloooonnnngggg...... theory day about FARGE (COLOR) . Theory days are not so easy we have to concentrate ( well i need... cause everything is in norwegian, of course, and i need to listen very carefully and try to understand everything...usually after theory days im going back home with a strong headache:))) . We got a huge colour Bible about Loreal and Redken colours, numbers and laters that we need to learn and understand ,the colour wheel, techniques of colouring and so on and so on....NOT EASY!!! I took the papers home gonna read a bit in the weekend;). FUN:).

Friday the 4th was funnnnnnnn........We got to color our beloved doll heads. I wanted my doll to be a red head, i think it turned out quite beautiful( some students asked me what no. i used, it was redken chromatic 4Rr , 4.66;). I added some before and after pics of my beautiful doll ( i didnt gave her a name yet..). ENJOY;).




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