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Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 30. Okt 2013

I was going through some pictures , cleaning my computer, and found some makeup looks i designed for Vinni´s band for Senklveld at tv2 last year. Vinni sang a new song he wrote on his passed difficult period in his life , sorrow , broken soul , sadness,break up and how he came out strong from it. I was told that i should designed a half faced mask look on the band and i was thinking, after i heard the song and listened to the lyrics that it will be very powerful to try to make the mask as a mirror of the soul, dark, bleeding soul.
I tried a few looks on my face before i sent for approval and the one I'm posting was chosen :)))). The band were very exited and thought it was cool to perform with half painted face:). ENJOY:).
The two sweet back singers :).

And here is the song on senkveld tv2:).


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