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Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 30. Nov 2013

Last thursday the 21st of november we, the student , presented at the the school our høstvisning ,hair show, after almost a month preparation. We were so happy and proud that we managed to put up a great , professional show all by ourselves and i personally was so happy that my dear dear aunt and brother came specially to see the show from Israel, this made the whole event much more special and exciting :).
The theme of the show was HARAJUKU ( refers to the area around Tokyo's Harajuku Station, It is the center of Japan's most extreme teenage cultures and fashion styles) , we were so exited because we knew we could do some crazy different hair cuts and colors , styling, makeup, fun music etc….and present it to our families ,friends ,teachers and people from the industry.
We are almost 60 students at Adam og Eva frisør skolen and all of us were responsible of finding models for the show, sponsors for clothes , makeup, food….in other words we didn't have any budget to start with, that made the whole project even more challenging:)).
My responsibility was choreography, because of my long background as a professional dancer. I wanted to open the show with a BANGGGGG….a big dance number before the models entrance the stage ,so i had to find a very good dancers who could catch the choreography quickly and look fantastic in only two, three rehearsals. Thankfully, i found five fantastic female dancers that mad the show super amazing and made me so happy i have to thank them again so if u read my blog ( i hope so) MAJA,CASSANDRA,KAYA,SOLVEIG and BENEDIKTE you are THE BEST!!! I LOVE YOU TONS:))))).

My second responsibility was makeup. I had to create the look for the models and the dancers, had to find makeup sponsors and makeup students from schools around Oslo to help us . Again i have to thank to dear Betina who managed to bring ISADORA as a makeup sponsor , to Tune Lisa akademiet for sponsored us with lots of lushes , and nail artists , to Niss akademiet for sending 8 fantastic makeup students from their school and of course to Cathrine that let me use her as my makeup model for my look:). I created a base look for all the models with some small twists and changes like coloured eyebrow, different lips colour and more… the first pic is the base look and under it i put the look with some changes:).

I have to say it was "a bit" of a stress period , specially because it came at the same time as our exams but i have t say it was worth it:), i enjoyed every moment and was so proud of what all of us achieved :).

My last and biggest thanx gos to Erik ,my hair model. Erik thank u so much for modelling for me , coming to the school three full days for cutting and colouring and letting me do whatever i want with your precious hair :))))) YOU ARE GREAT;).

And now after a long speech here it is ,our høstvisning 2013 at adam go eva skolen, ENJOY;).


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