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Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 8. Des 2013

The last week and a half , Adam og Eva school turned into a salon. We can have two customers a day visiting at the salon and getting their hair done, cut, colour ,permanent or even just cure and scalp massage for a very little money.
I understand that some people are a bit afraid of letting students touch their hair ,but i always explain my customers that for us , the student, every customer its an exam , we get a grade for everything we do , we are not doing anything with the customer hair before we are explaining the teachers our plan and getting their advice and approval and the most important we are doing our very very best to satisfy our customers and get the best grade:))))!!!!
Last week i was very lucky to have two customers a day every day:))) it was a lot of work but i learned from actually doing so much that ill never learn on a doll head or theoretically !!! i had to cut few times and did lots of colouring, highlights, cure and massages and happily menages to do a good job on time and get a good grades:).
Last week i got my first 6 on a beautiful red hair colour i did. the roots were completely colored and the hair was evenly coloured from rot till end. I love this feeling of doing something good and see that the customer is very happy and feels good and love his/her hair new look , it makes me so happy and satisfy , its a great feeling to know that i have the "power"
to make people happy and want to come back to me:) i feel blast:)))).
Next week we still have monday , tuesday and wednesday an open salon. Tuesday I'm already fully booked ( colour, cure, eyebrows and lushes colour ), and wednesday morning a cut:), but I'm still available all monday and wednesday from 12.00 so please visit me at the salon and let me pleas u;)))))).
PS. I always plan on taking before and after pics but always forget to take the before pics because I'm so eager and excited to start already :)))) so i have only after pics ENJOY;).


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