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Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 10. Des 2013

Totay i knew that ill have a "project customer" at school:). My dear roommate Gull Øzger, freelance choreographer and dance teacher, came to see me at the school salon for a new fresh winter colour for her hair:). She has a very dark hair and she asked for a brighter colour with a warm undertone for a cold winter:).
I was very happy because i knew that for her to have brighter hair ill need to avfarge ( take the black pigment a way) and i haven't done it yet:))) ,so it will be a great opportunity to practice it;). I decided to use "Efassor" from Loreal all over the hair and avoid the roots..i got Betine my dear friend from class to help me :).
It started to work quite quick around the roots and i needed to work a bit more towards the tips of the hair….anyway it looked a bit scary after i washed it:)))

After me and gull took a look at the colour chart , chromatics from Redken, we decided on a nice warm brown , gold mocha , and i started to dye the hair:). unfortunately gull had to run to a meeting so i just managed to wash the hair ,put some cures and musks ,paint lashes and brows but didn't manage, actually, to dry and check the colour :))))))) so i was looking forward the whale afternoon, till she came back home at 22.00 in the evening, to see that the colour was beautiful , shiny and healthy looking and the most important Gull was very very happy:). Here it is ENJOY;).


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