Postet av Shlomi Ruimi den 17. Sep 2013

Today was one of the worst and stressy days i experienced since i started school...... well it sounds very dramatic and im not a drama queen believe me:) . Today i had a test , økende lengder,increasing length, we learned the cut on wednesday last week and had three days practice before the test . I felt kinda prepared and did quite good at the class room, so i came today morning very eager and almost full of confident to the test( fake it till you make it confident..). All started good ,first part theory, went very good, then i was running to the working room to cut:). The truth..... it went well and smooth, in the beginning, too smooth to be true actually, till the moment i found out i made a big stupid mistake.. i didn't know what to do? i was almost running out of time , i stood in front of my doll sweating all over.. from every pore in my body till i just decided to take a deep breath and start all over a gain and try to save it very very quick... so in half an hour i did again what i was working on the last 2 hours, hopping that now its better then before..i started to fen the hair on full hit, from stress, till suddenly i saw the hair burning on my brush...i didn't know if i should cry or lough ( i decided to lough.....all my class mights smelled it:))))))) then had to cut the fringe and my design lines until my scissors decided to fall a part....HERRRRRE GOD ( god help) you believe me??????? the WORST!! when i finished and cleaned my mess i just stood there and asked my self are you sure you wanna be a hair dresser????? and answered to my self one second after YES!! I LOVE IT:))).

As a professional dancer, for many many years, i learned so much about stress ,working hard , discipline , patience, lots of practice and how to go for my dreams and for feel them !!!! so if, out there, there is someone that feels like me and had a bad day i just have to say continue, don't give up, tomorrow its another beautiful day ( and a new beautiful cut;)).

Im adding a few pics from my test day and dedicating the new and motivating song by britney spears "WORK BITCH" ENJOY:).

before cut.




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